Benefits of the Porcupine Fish Attractor

  • Porcupine Fish Attractors fish structure improve spawning habitat while providing valuable structure for all species of fish in all size lakes.


  • From farm ponds to big reservoirs, these fish attractors help anglers, biologists, and professional lake management companies enhance quantity and quality. Used by professional guides, tournament anglers, and more to attract fish to specific locations.


  • Works great around piers, boathouses, docks, or main lake creek channels and flats. Designed to help you catch fish without losing hooks or lures.


  • Easily assembled and installed. Stays put. Shows up good on LCR and flasher sonar units. Mark your spots with GPS or landmarks for both night and ice fishing trips.


  • Fish relate to them quickly as algae and plankton form to attract baitfish, luring larger fish to their locale. Provides refuge and shade to young fish too, increasing survival rates.


  • Make great fishing spots out of unproductive waters. Doesn’t deteriorate when submerged. Environmentally friendly.

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February 2021

How to Catch Big Fish at Night

How to Catch Big Fish at Night

The tactics and tackle you need to land giant trout, cats, muskies, and bass after hours The best time to catch fish during the summer is at night when the water is less crowded and the fish are moving. Field & Stream’s guide to catching big fish at night will teach how to rig limb lines for catfish, how to catch largemouth bass with rat lures, how to catch trout with a Jitterbug, and how to rig for muskies. Rig...

May 2020

The Wise Guys: 10 Outdoor Legends Share Their Greatest Hunting and Fishing Skills

Roland Martin, Tom Kelly, Harold Knight, and other outdoor experts share their best tips for bass, turkeys, crappies, and more. You’ve been watching them on TV for decades. You’ve been reading about their techniques since you were a kid. Now, we’ve asked them—some of the most respected ­outdoor ­legends in America—to pass on the one piece of hunting and fishing wisdom that will make you a more skilled outdoorsman this season and for years to come. Roland Martin Tournament angler, TV host - Adam...

These are 10 Of The Nastiest Freshwater Fish On The Planet

These Are 10 of the Nastiest Freshwater Fish on the Planet

Their teeth can tear flesh. Their strength can destroy tackle. Their dispositions can break an angler’s spirit. These are the meanest fish that swim. The earth is full of crazy looking sportfish with bad attitudes. Fish that attack lures with a vengeance and possess enough unique characteristics to set them far apart from the ordinary. These are specimens that look as though they could tear off your face with one chomp of their jaws or else remove it with...

February 2020

Breakout Hits: The 20 Best Fishing Tips for Early Spring

Breakout Hits: The 20 Best Fishing Tips for Early Spring

Cabin fever driving you crazy? Our early season fishing guide is here to help. These expert tips will help you catch more bass, trout, bluegills, crappies, catfish, walleyes, and more Winter’s grip is loosening. You’re dying to fish. Unfortunately, those super-early-season bites can be the toughest to score thanks to cold, dirty water and sluggish targets. Have no fear. This quick-hitter guide to early-spring fish locations and habits will get you on the fast track to a bent rod....

10 Pro Secrets to Catching Big Spring Walleyes

10 Pro Secrets to Catching Big Spring Walleyes

Once the ice melts, trophy walleyes are ready to spawn and ready to eat. Here are some expert tips to help you land the biggest walleye of your life As the snow melts and lakes thaw, walleye fishermen break free from their cabin fever and race to the water to begin hunting for trophy spring walleyes. Regardless of where and when the weather allows you to make a spring run after fish, remember that catching cold-water walleyes can be...

October 2019

How to Pitch for Bass Like Mike Iaconelli

The legendary bass pro shares his method for pitching lures to largemouth bass Big bass like tight spots choked with weeds, downed timber, or overhanging branches—spots you often can’t reach with an overhand cast. You need to learn to present your bait with an underhand cast that keeps the bait close to the water and drops it with a plop instead of a crash. This is known as pitching, and bass pro Mike Iaconelli does it as well or...

September 2019

10 Best Fall Walleye Hotspots

10 Best Fall Walleye Hotspots

Fall is time for football, ducks, and bucks for a lot of outdoorsmen across the country. In many ways, the trophy fall walleye bite gets overlooked by all but the true walleye diehards. But during this cool-water period, you have the best chance of scoring on a fish that will make even your buddies sitting in a tree stand jealous. Unlike the spring bite, which might only last a week, on many bodies of water, a fall bite...

July 2019

How to Tie a Spoon Fly That Will Catch Fish Anywhere

How to Tie a Spoon Fly That Will Catch Fish Anywhere

Spoon Skinz makes tying spoon flies easy—and the result is an offering that few fish can resist A spoon fly is a cheat. At least that’s how a lot of fly guys feel, simply because spoons are just too synonymous with conventional fishing. Even in sea trout and redfish circles, where these epoxy wobblers were born, many guides only use them out of desperation or when other patterns just can’t get it done. Ten years ago I might have...

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